Tips to Get Back on Track

Something I have been working on for the past few years is to teach myself that the occasional overindulgence will not cause me to gain weight or affect my overall healthy lifestyle. I often find myself ridden with guilt when I have had food that is considered “bad” by the health world.

And, at least in my family, most of our celebrations with the people we love are centered around food. Aren’t those moments more important than the food (well, maybe not =))?

For example, this past weekend we were invited to go to my Aunt’s house, who is an extraordinary cook/baker. You can’t say no when she offers you the most delicious cookies. I’m not kidding, my husband and I decided that if she hosts a holiday we will skip any other invites because of all the amazing food she cooks from scratch. Plus we love their family, so hanging out with them and enjoying some treats is always a good time.

Here are my steps to enjoying the indulgence and getting back into a normal routine the right away:

Don’t Stress

  • If you have a normal healthy eating routine, there is no need to stress out.
  • Accept that it happened and move forward.
  • Stress/negative talk can lead into a cycle of continued binge eating.
  • Letting food rule our minds allows it to take priority over God.

Drink Water

  • This will help with any bloating, dehydration and digestion.
  • A cup of  hot water with lemon, and peppermint or ginger tea can help with bloating as well.

Sleep and eat a healthy breakfast the next day

  • Sleep helps reduce stress and allows your body to recover.
  • Please don’t starve yourself! The whole point is to get you back to a normal healthy eating routine. A diet of deprivation will ultimately lead to more overindulgence.

Move your body but do not over-exercise

  • Workouts are not punishments for what you ate the day before.
  • It will help promote digestion and release endorphins to lessen the feelings of stress.
  • Mentioned above, over stressing your body can have negative implications.

Remember to enjoy the moments you spend with loved ones. I hope you had a great three-day weekend!

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