Simple Tips to Build Effective Habits & Routines

Are you overwhelmed with the chaos that is constant in your life? Are you wondering how to make an order out of it all? 

You are not alone. It can be really hard to get into a consistent routine and habits. The good news is there are simple steps you can take to get back on track. 

In this post, we will talk about the importance of building routines and tips to take back control and live the life of your dreams! 

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How to Build Routine and Habits and Stick to it 

You might be wondering where do I even start with building a routine that I look forward to sticking to. The best thing to do is just start. 

Your habits and routines identify what is most important to you. Routines help give us direction and guidance on what we want to accomplish. They ensure we are able to show up and hold ourselves accountable. 

Start with how you want to feel 

Focus on the type of person you want to be. How do you want to show up in the world? You can do this by creating affirmations as if you have already achieved it. 

Repeating habit affirmations can help change the limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that keep you from building the life you want. When we think that our habit or routine is attainable, it makes it easier to keep up with it. 

Prioritize what’s important

Your actions show what is important to you. Your actions and what you prioritize reveal your true motivations. It’s time to get real and build a routine that is in alignment with what’s important. 

I think the most important part of building routines and habits is to identify your non-negotiables. What throughout your day must you do to feel good. For me, my daily non-negotiables are to read my Bible and exercise. 

What are 1-2 things that you can identify as a daily non-negotiable? 

Decrease distractions 

Delete distractions from your life that no longer serve you or help you with your routines and habits. You can set time limits on your phone to decrease your ability to be distracted. 

You can also delegate or automate things that might keep you from your routines such as cleaning your house, paying bills or grocery shopping. 

Set small goals 

Break each larger goal into smaller goals and tasks. If your overall goal is to eat healthier, start by changing your breakfast to something healthy like a smoothie. When you accomplish that, you can move on. Take it step by step. 

Time block for each activity 

Each of us has unique energy levels throughout the day that we can leverage to schedule our productive and rest times. 

You will want to determine what part of the day you have the most energy and focus. What time of day do you feel most productive? Time block to achieve your most difficult tasks during those times. 

How to keep a routine 

A routine can be a game-changer in your focus and productivity. You have to remove your why and what’s important to you so that you are more likely to keep a routine. The key is to create a regular routine that will help you achieve all that you want to

Test and reassess

Now that you have built a routine, you will want to put it to test. You will quickly discover which habits and actions you will want to keep that work best for you. 

Your routine should be fluid and unique to what works for you. It should change as you grow and evolve.

Have a morning routine 

How you start your day matters. Now I have two kids so my morning routine is a little out of whack. However, on good days, I like to start my day with my non-negotiables, especially Bible reading, so I can be equipped with that ever comes my way. 

A morning routine sets the tone for the rest of the day. We can better focus on the day ahead, prioritize our time, and increase our productivity. Some other ideas might be a gratitude journal, meditation, prayer, or exercise. You will have greater confidence and peace as you go about your day. 

Schedule joy breaks 

To avoid burnout or boredom, it’s important to schedule joy breaks through out your day. Joy breaks include doing something you love. This will help you stay refreshed and refocus. 

Keep track of your accomplishments 

At the end of the day, track your habits and keep a journal of all of your accomplishments. You will see all the things you were able to check off your list. 

Pause and Celebrate the wins

It’s so normal to achieve something and move into the next thing. Take time to pause and celebrate wins big and small. This will help you stay motivated and on track. 

Example of routines 

Cleaning routine 

It can be really overwhelming to clean a house or apartment all in one day. So what I do is schedule different days to clean different parts of my home. 

A cleaning schedule and home routine help the whole family know when they need to pick up and help out. When your home is clean(ish), it can help clear up a lot of the clutter in your life. 

Laundry- know which days you will do laundry including cleaning and putting it away. 

Grocery shopping- I usually order online now but schedule a day when you will meal prep and grocery shop accordingly. 

Deep cleaning – when will you deep clean and divide up the tasks. Full disclosure, I knew this was a stressor for me so I hired cleaners to come once a month to do the deep cleaning and I vacuum and dust in between. 

The overall idea is to live without chaos or disorder. Routines help bring everything into alignment by living in what is most important to you. 

Gratitude Routine

I mentioned this above but building a gratitude routine is probably one of the most beneficial things you can do. This is a routine worth doing year-round. 

A gratitude routine grounds you in the present and allows you to focus on God’s abundant blessings in your life. It will help you be intentional about noticing the good in each day. 

Morning Routine

As mentioned above, how you start your day matters. The best way to start your day is with Jesus!

Examples of morning routines include:

Prayer: The #1 way to start your day is in prayer with God. Pour your heart out, speak to Him about your worries, praise His name and ask Him for what you need for the day.

Reading Your Bible: You can also use Scripture to pray. There is something so powerful about guarding yourself with the Word of God. Feeding your spirit will help you face whatever stressors come your way throughout the day.

Repeat Biblical Affirmations: Confess the truth of God over you first thing in the morning with Biblical affirmations. You can do this while getting ready, walking, or looking into the mirror.

Prayer for Routines

If you are struggling, ask God to reveal his will and what is most important for you to focus on. You can even create a prayer routine where you write down your prayers, pray before meals, or set an alarm throughout the day to remind you to pray. It is essential to find time to talk to God. This will transform your daily life. 

“Dear Lord, I need you as I set out the tasks for my day. Create in me a willingness to align my habits with your will. You will handle everything I have to do today. I give it all to you. Awaken in me a desire to create routines that give glory to you. Thank you for your wisdom and guidance. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.” 

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