Sharing The Gospel Online

Sharing The Gospel Online

Today, we interact with each other and stay up-to-date on each other’s lives more through social media than face-to-face – constantly taking pictures and sharing memes with each other. While social media can provide a lot of entertainment, it can also come with a lot of dangerous comparisons. It can be a breeding ground for profanity, pornography, hate speech, human trafficking, and bullying. Yet it has the potential to be a place for good ideas, discussion, and debate.

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Satan is smart and cunning! He knows that our society roams the internet for “not-so-Christian” content. But he will never reign victorious. That’s where us as Christians can make a change. We must arm ourselves with the Word of God and spread the good news of the Gospel to every part of the world. Now more than ever it is clear that the online space is a mission field and that we should all respond to the call to evangelize using this tool. It allows us to go where our feet cannot to share the beautiful truth of the Word of God.

How To Spread the Gospel 

Before we start I want to be clear that this should not be your primary way of sharing the Gospel. A face-to-face conversation is far more impactful when sharing the Gospel. However, technology isn’t just meant for us to pass the time or enjoy mindlessly. It’s a platform that has been entrusted to us for responsible use and to spread the Gospel in ways that we never thought possible.

To share the Gospel we have to go where people spend most of their time…the internet.  Social media is a tool that you can use to inspire and encourage a broken world. People are looking and it’s time that we give them something worthwhile to look at!

Sharing the Gospel Online 

We are commissioned to spread the good news of the Gospel. It is pure, timeless and true. We have a great opportunity to bring more people to Christ through internet evangelism. Sharing the Gospel online can literally take the Gospel to anyone with an internet connection. So how can we share the Gospel on the internet and via social media effectively? And how do we use social media wisely as followers of Christ?

The internet has a lot of potential for good. It’s a place where people share their lives. It’s a place that gives voices to millions which can be positive and productive. We have the opportunity to share the Gospel without even having to move. The harvest is prime in terms of broken souls that are in need of hearing the Word of God. We must be strategic and purposeful on how we use the internet and social media to proclaim the good news of the kingdom.

Sharing the Gospel through Social Media 

Every day people go out to minister to others and we are called to do the same. The primary purpose for us as believers and as a Church body is to share the Gospel and bring more people to know Jesus Christ. While being in community and attending church is the most important thing, sharing the Gospel through social media is paramount to reach more people for Christ. Every day Christians can evangelize across the world by sharing the Gospel through social media.

Social media is now the mode of communication for most people (not getting into whether that is a good or bad thing in this post). There are lots of ways that we can share the Good News of the Gospel on social media. Share revelations and wisdom that God has been giving you. How does God’s Word encourage what you are going through? What do you believe about His love? What has He been teaching you?

Internet Evangelism Ideas 

The life-giving messages of the Gospel are at the fingertips of so many people! With the click of a mouse or a scroll of a feed, the Gospel can be spread to all parts of the globe. We’ve been called to reach the world for Jesus Christ right now!

Transparency is one of the greatest tools to share the Gospel. Remember that humans are made to connect with other humans. Your life doesn’t have to be all cookie-cutter and perfect. Authentically and genuinely share some of your struggles and trials with others. Your story, no matter what it is, can touch someone’s life for good.  I bet there are others who can relate to what you are going through. Sharing your testimony not only helps those who are not saved but also encourages those who are in a relationship with Jesus.

Here are some internet evangelism ideas:

Facebook Groups: These are becoming more and more popular because they are a great way to connect with people from all parts of the world.

Online Bible Studies: This is a great way to get more people involved in a Bible Study. This can provide a place for like-minded, Gospel-driven Christians to come together to read the Word of God. This helps build a global Christian community and share the Gospel with people we would not otherwise meet.

Facebook/Instagram Stories: My pastor has picked this up recently. He tells people what he will be speaking on that Sunday and invites people to come and listen. I think we as the body of the Church can do the same. We can share those posts and invite people into our community. We can also give little snippets of our daily struggles and how we seek Jesus through them.

Start a Blog: Blogs are very simple to set up and can be used as a tool for evangelism. Check out Kingdom Bloggers if you are interested in starting a blog.

The internet is making how people connect to the Gospel transformative. Has God laid something on your heart to share?


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  1. Deborah Jacks Camak

    I agree . I want to reach those who are struggling and need to know that the war has been won.

  2. *Romans 10:15 “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.” # – I want to share the knowledge of “ the Way,” to those who are seeking to know the Truth about our souls 2nd birth’ on our “new earth” and under our “new Heaven.” *Revelations 21:1 “Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth passed away,”

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