Reflecting on God's Faithfulness

Reflecting on God’s Faithfulness

As 2019, and a decade, come to a close, it is a great time to reflect on God’s faithfulness. His faithfulness is real and has been proven many times (see below). Testimony after testimony of God’s faithfulness is evident in the Bible and is still given in testimonies by people today. 

According to, the definition of faithful is “loyal, constant and steadfast.” This is one of my favorite things about God – He is faithful, loyal and never changes.  

Reflecting on God's Faithfulness

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This past week, I was working on an application for a work-related (fundraising) mentoring and personal development program. Part of the application asked to write about your experience as it relates to the program. Many people don’t think of work as a God thing but reflecting on what has happened since I started my career 8 years ago I saw God showing up in all sorts of ways. It was a nice way to see how God shows up in the big and the small. He answered prayers I didn’t even know I had (but other people sure did). He called me into His family and I pray I will never forget his faithfulness. 

God didn’t promise life on earth would be easy but He did promise to be with us always. As we go into the new year, our memories of His promises will help us through whatever struggles that may be lying ahead. 

Bible Verses on God’s Faithfulness

We see the theme of God’s faithfulness throughout the Bible and each new story is just as reassuring as the last. God has always been faithful. Do you remember the promises He kept for the Israelites? Or how he rescued Daniel from the lion’s den? Like we see in the Bible God remained faithful even when the Israelites proved to be unfaithful. 

Exodus 34:6: The Lord, Lord, a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness. 

Deuteronomy 7:9: Know therefore the Lord your God is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love Him and keep His commandments.

Psalm 91:4: He will cover you with His pinions, and under His wings, you will find refuge; His faithfulness is a shield and buckler.

1 Corinthians 1:9: God is faithful, by whom you were called into the fellowship of His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

2 Timothy 2:13: If we are faithless, He remains faithful. 

2 Thessalonians 3:3: But the Lord is faithful. He will establish you and guard you against the evil one. 

As I look over this list of Bible verses, I can’t help but stand in awe before the Lord. I am reminded of how loving and caring our Heavenly Father truly is for those who have faith in Him. God will never leave us nor forsake us. 

**Verses used in this post were taken from the English Standard Version.

Stories of God’s Faithfulness in the Bible

Abraham and Sarah

Sarah in her old age did not expect to become pregnant. She had been unable to conceive her whole life until God came down and revealed to them that they would have a baby named Isaac who would set up the lineage of Jesus (Hebrews 11:11). The Lord did for Sarah what He had promised. And He definitely did not fall short on that promise. And from their baby came “offspring as numerous as the stars of heaven.”

Moses and the Israelites

God called His people out of Egypt which laid the foundation of Him rescuing them from slavery and guiding them to the promised land. In this story, you will see that God not only protects His people but He also fulfills His promises through His people. God uses people like YOU and me to fulfill His purpose. He created us on purpose and for a purpose. Even Moses who had a speech impediment could be used to deliver God’s people from slavery. 

Furthermore, God will never leave you just like He was with Moses throughout his difficult journey. He parted the Red Sea so that the Israelites could escape. He also led them into the Promised Land. We see when the Israelites were in the desert that He gave them water and manna to sustain them. God always takes care of His people. 

3 Steps to Reflect on God’s Faithfulness

As we reflect on God’s faithfulness, we begin to see how God always works for the good of those who believe in Him. It may not seem like it when we are in the midst of trial and suffering but we know by faith that He will deliver us from it. Because if God takes care of the sparrows, how much more is He going to take care of everything you need?

Read the Bible

If you read the Bible, you will see that it is full of stories of God’s faithfulness. God’s faithfulness spans a thousand generations. It is boundless and unending. We see it in the stories above as well as in the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ that His promises cannot fail to be fulfilled. God worked for the good of those individuals so why wouldn’t he do the same for us? 

Write The Scriptures

When the going gets rough, it can be hard to remember God’s faithfulness. Writing the Scriptures will help build your faith and trust in God. You can also write down any answered prayers from God or times when He has been faithful in your own life. Going back and reviewing your history with God will give you confidence that God is in control and always has your best interest in mind. It will also help remind you that you can keep going no matter what the circumstance. 

Prayer for Faithfulness

God hears you and will answer your prayers. Believe in faith that this is true but trust that it will happen His time. When we remind our forgetful hearts and pray to God, we will build our trust and faith in Him. While God doesn’t always give you what you want, He always gives you exactly what you need. He is our provider. God keeps His promises no matter what.

The next time you are facing a challenge go back through one of the steps listed above and remind yourself of God’s faithfulness. Remind your heart on a daily basis of His faithfulness. We can never rejoice in Him enough. You will experience a renewed sense of hope and be able to trust Him what you are facing. God is our one comfort, our hope, our treasure, and our promised victory! 

What promises has God kept for you?

7 thoughts on “Reflecting on God’s Faithfulness”

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  2. Donna Miller

    God’s steadfast and never ending faithfulness is what wrecked me at the beginning of my walk with Him. And it is His faithfulness that helped me to grow in His Grace. Love this post Haley! ❤

  3. Ann | Fruitful Creativities

    Hi Haley, thank you for reminding us all of God’s never-ending faithfulness! We know that whatsoever we ask according to His will, we’ll receive it (1 John 5:15) for He that promised is faithful (Hebrews 10:23).

  4. One of my favorite ways to remember God’s Faithfulness is to keep a prayer journal. On one side I write my prayer with the date and on the other side I write when my prayer was answered and how. Always good to reflect on God’s faithfulness. It’s one way to encourage ourselves in a real way.

    1. Haley Cooper

      I love that idea! I am going to try and incorporate that into my normal routine. Definitely encouraging!

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