Meaningless Pursuit of Happiness

The Meaningless Pursuit of Happiness

Have you ever convinced yourself that you would be happy if you just had this one thing, whether it be a higher paying job, a better body, a relationship, a bigger house, or a fancy car?

Everyone seems to be in the pursuit of happiness but never quite achieving it. We have been inundated with messages about the “secret to happiness.”

You can spend all of your time, energy and money in pursuit of these things. Once you do attain them, do they make you happy? Or do they just leave you wanting more?

Happiness is fleeting, it comes and goes as quickly as our circumstances do. It usually ends in disappointment, depression and hopelessness because God is nowhere to be found in our pursuit.  We will never find happiness as long as we strive for it apart from God.

“You reveal the path of life to me; in Your presence is abundant joy; in Your right hand are eternal pleasures.” Psalm 16:11.

I am going to share three blog posts on areas that I have frequently observed others, including myself, try to pursue happiness. If they aren’t relevant to you, there may be someone you know who can benefit from hearing how only the pursuit of Jesus can bring true joy into our lives.

First up is something that I think we have tried to pursue at some point in our lives.

Happiness is not found in the number on the scale.

You can read about my struggle with this area here.

Media tries to convince us that dieting will lead to happiness. But when has this ever lead to happiness? More like hangriness. In addition, dieting keeps us focused on our flaws, somehow convincing ourselves that self-condemnation will serve as motivation for weight loss.

“Because you are precious in My sight and honored, and I love you.” Isaiah 43:4.

We have all been there. We stand on the scale hoping the number is lower than the day before. I see so many people, women in particular, say that if they could just lose 10 pounds they will finally be happy.

Something we all fall susceptible to believing is that weight gain = unhappiness and weight loss = happiness. The scale can have this power over us to either make our day (lost pounds) or ruin our day (gained pounds).

Yes, you can make certain health and nutrition goals, but don’t make them with the ultimate goal of happiness. And you can change your body all you want, but if you don’t have your identity rooted in Jesus, you will never truly be satisfied.

Our identity and happiness shouldn’t stem from our physical appearance. True joy should be the byproduct of our intimate relationship with God. Only when you are completely satisfied in God, will you have the power to resist the temptation to step on the scale with hopes that the “ideal” number will flash before your eyes.

Surrender your heart and body to God. Most important, know that God created you and loves you no matter what you look like.

Read the second post: The Meaningless Pursuit of Money.

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