Making Room For God

Are you overwhelmed with the clutter that fills your life? Chaos is stressful. In our fast-paced society, our minds quickly become cluttered. So many projects with deadlines. So many responsibilities to so many people. Sometimes our minds get so cluttered that we forget what is important – making room for God in our lives.

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We have to make room for God in our lives. It is not a chore but a necessity. Diligently seeking Him and trusting in His unconditional love. And knowing that His everlasting presence makes all the difference. Furthermore, God wants room in our heart. We were made for communion with God. He is alive and well! He invites us to be in an intimate relationship with Him. When you make room for God and allow Him to soften your heart, you can live a life of amazing power and purpose.

Decluttering Your Life

There’s a beautiful thing about decluttering and de-stressing your life. While there is a craze around tidying up your life with Marie Kondo, I think decluttering our lives goes deeper than material things. Yes, getting rid of stuff we don’t use can help de-stress your life. But I am talking about getting rid of the clutter that doesn’t serve you so you can live your best life for God and those around you.

We need to declutter our lives to meet God. He is completely holy and righteous and desires to be with us. God delights in being with His people. He wants to be close and live among us. But He leaves it up to us to declutter our life and make room for Him in our hearts. We need to prioritize time to meet with God, share life with Him and discover how to become who God intends us to be.

Making Room for God

Jesus had a single focus – doing the will of God.  He was arguably the busiest person in the world, but He knew the importance of making room for quiet time to spend with God. He had to work to carve out time to enjoy their relationship together. Making room for God does not always come easy. We have so many distractions that can pull us away from spending quality time with Him. But we need to be diligent in making room for Him in every area of our lives so that He can teach, correct and shape us into the image of His Son, Jesus Christ. Focus is a discipline. When was the last time you paused to just focus on God?

“Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, He got up, went out, and made His way to a deserted place. And He was praying there.” Mark 1:35 (HCSB).

When we recognize our shortfalls and want to become better, our first response shouldn’t be to work hard at doing the right things to fix our brokenness, it should be “Lord, I need you. I want to spend time with you.” If we want to become more like Jesus, we should prioritize being with Him. Knowing Him and His character will allow us to learn how to be more like Him. When we open the Bible to read God’s word we are really opening our ears to hear His will. When we memorize scripture, we are allowing God’s truth and grace to soak in. Over time our intimate, transformational relationship with God will allow us to open our hearts to God’s work in us.

God Wants A Relationship With Us

God is with us. God is always present even in the areas of life that seem unimportant or extra hard. He is there when we are doing the dishes. He is there with us at work. There is no space that God does not fill with His presence. God graciously hears our prayers and delivers us from our trials and suffering. Yes, it is true that God wants a relationship with us and His presence is everywhere.

“The Lord is near all who call out to Him, all who call out to Him with integrity.” Psalm 145:18 (HCSB).

While we can desire more of God’s presence, knowing He desires the same, we have to make room for Him. We need to create space for God in our day-to-day. He longs for an intimate relationship with us. We make room for Him when we honor Him in our actions and attitudes and submit our will to His. We create more space for God when we declutter all the unnecessary things out of our lives. When you choose to accept the love He has to offer it will drown out your feelings of inadequacy.

Take a deep breath and let Jesus’ presence cover your life. No matter your circumstance, He is still for you, likes you, loves you and extends grace to you. He is willing to help you get rid of the distractions that keep you from making room for God.

A heart and mind that focuses on the Lord and lives to obey His will is freed from the worldly distractions. Let’s take back our lives and learn to live peaceably in relationship with God. When you take time to make room for Him, you will see His sovereignty and His purpose for your life and in your day.

Friend, there is something deeper, more hopeful, awaiting us. Choose carefully what you allow to clutter your life. As you declutter your life and make intentional choices to make room for God,  you will hunger to be in His presence.

How do you go about making room for God in your day-to-day life?



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