How To Set Goals and Achieve Them With PowerSheets

I am a fan of the fresh start of a new year. I am also a HUGE planner so intentional goal setting is right up my alley. However, I always struggled with how to come up with concrete goals that I would actually be motivated to accomplish. So like everyone else by the end of January, my goals were usually long forgotten. And by the end of the year, I am usually no closer to achieving my dreams.

Definition of Goal: means a target, purpose, objective, intent or intention – a place where you want to finish. Setting a goal means intentionally choosing your direction. 

How to Set Goals and Achieve Them with 2020 Powersheets

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Goal setting should be meaningful and fun! The process should help you build momentum to live your best year yet! The Powersheets are a proven goal-setting process that has had a positive impact on women around the world. 

What are Powersheets?

The Powersheets are your personal, guided goal coaching system. They are designed to help you set goals that really matter and they have set it up so you have the best possible chance of success. It is all about simplifying your life and focusing your time on what matters. From the content to the design, your Powersheets truly make goal-setting something you will look forward to each year!

  • The 2020 Powersheets One-Year Intentional Goal Planner costs $60. 
  • The Powersheets measure 8.5 X 10 inches. They are printed on high-quality 120 gsm paper.
  • There are four gorgeous cover designs for 2020. Choose from the classic Confetti or all-new Blooms or two solid linens (Pink or Teal). I personally purchased the blooms cover and absolutely love it! The Powersheets team seriously nailed it with these beautiful designs. If you can’t decide what cover you want, use the color theory wheel to guide your decision. You seriously can’t go wrong. 

What’s Inside the Powersheets?

This is not your typical daily planner. This is used to achieve the goals you have always dreamed of achieving. It will help you create an action plan that will keep you focused all year long. It will help you live a life with intention and purpose. 

    • Hardcovers: We all know that mess protection is key. For the first time in Powersheets history, your goals will be safely tucked inside between two hardcovers with gold corner protectors. 
    • Inspiring Design: The inspiring design has been the cornerstone of the Powersheets collection. This year is no different. You will feel energized each day to dive into your goal planner. Plus they have ensured that the text is easy to read throughout the planner. 
    • Interior Pocket: the Powersheets team has added a reinforced pocket on the inside cover to hold your Wildcard Pages, notes, stickers and more. 
    • Monthly Calendar Spread: These Powersheets now include a two-page monthly calendar spread for January 2020 to December 2020. This is super helpful to meet all your organizational needs. These monthly calendar spreads are a great place to write down your action steps for the month. 
    • Action Plan Worksheet: The action plan worksheet helps you break down your big-picture goals using the Cultivate What Matters method. You will create action plans that you just can’t wait to get started on – the blueprint for your year ahead. 

Powersheets Preparation

The first 30 pages inside the Powersheets are considered prep work. This can begin at any time. It will help you do some deep soul searching work as you uncover your goals for the new year. You don’t want to rush this section. 

The much-needed prep work will lead you to uncover a big-picture vision and the right goals for your unique life and season. You’ll create a clear action plan for each of your goals to help you start out on the right foot and follow through with ease. After setting your goals, you’ll live them out by using the signature monthly tending system. This goal planner will be with you every step of the way to achieving your goals.

How to Set Intentional Goals

Do you usually give up on your goals by mid-January or February? Perhaps you have added more tasks and projects to your already full plate without saying no to a few things first. You know you can’t do it all and do it well. When you overwhelm yourself, nothing ends up getting done. The good news is you can change that in 2020 and beyond!

The 2020 Powersheets are a great first step to setting and achieving your 2020 goals. The personal questionnaire acts like a personal life coach – setting you up for success. It includes a review of where you are and where you want to be this time next year. Then it helps you get your priorities straight so you will remain motivated throughout the year. It will also help you say “no” to things that no longer serve you and “yes” to things that will help you achieve your God-centered goals. With this guide, you will do the work to set intentional goals that are unique to your season and life. 

Start Small and Dream Big

The 2020 Powersheets allow you to start small by breaking down your goals all while dreaming bigger.  It will help you break down your lofty goals into steps you can take to move forward in small and big ways. When you start small, you will move along the path to completing your big-picture goals. 

Dream about what success looks like at the end of the year, break your goals into mini-goals, and then break your mini-goals into starting steps until the steps are so simple that you can’t wait to start taking action. They’re something you can accomplish in a shorter period of time. And you know if you have achieved them because they are measurable. 

Hold Yourself Accountable

The 2020 Powersheets are a great way to hold yourself accountable. Goals get accomplished when they matter to you. When you write down your goals, you can check in with yourself and do a goal refresh to evaluate each area of your life to see progress.

Also, when you make your first purchase you will be signed up for their e-newsletter which gives you great tips straight to your inbox. As you work through the planner, you will find some encouraging thoughts and a whole sticker sheet to make the goal-setting process that much more fun! 

Celebrate your milestones

I am a firm believer in focusing on your successes no matter how small. The Powersheets are all about celebrating your milestones. When you notice your successes, you will be motivated to keep on dreaming and achieving!

The 2020 Powersheets leave a lot of room for grace, transition and change. You can always go back and re-evaluate your goals throughout the year. Celebrate your progress and take a look back at how you’ve grown in ways that are important to you. 

I cannot say enough about how the 2020 Powersheets have helped me set realistic, achievable goals. Clear vision. Intentional goals. Let’s do this!

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