Healthy is More Than a Salad

Eating well does not mean you have to stick only to salads or just eating raw kale (unless you are my sister-in-law who craved it during her pregnancy…blahhh).

Before I continue, I want to let you know that I am not a nutritionist or expert. I am in no way telling you how to eat but I have done a good amount research to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle that works for me. I do not follow any sort of diet but try to eat “healthy” 85% to 90%  of the time.

While I am in no way Paleo, I follow a good amount of Paleo food bloggers/influencers and love trying their recipes. These diets/lifestyles can provide good guidelines and fun ideas on how to incorporate healthy foods into your daily meals. Rarely do they promote salads.

Along with many of these bloggers, my desire is to help others know that healthy food can be a broad range of foods and it can taste good. Just ask my husband, a former fast food addict, he loves every recipe I make and will even eat brussel sprouts now!

I strongly believe that each person needs to do thorough research, and/or meet with a nutritionist, to decide what works best for them. I have heard from people that the Whole30 becomes very restrictive and can lead to over obsessing about food (read about my journey of restriction on the about me page). In the end, it is up to each person to decide what is the best nutrition for themselves and their body. Everyone is different!

Like I said above, most people think you need to stick to bland, tasteless salads to be healthy or lose weight. Just because something is called a salad does not make it healthy. At restaurants, they are usually full of sugar, preservatives and unhealthy fats. Basically, just a bunch of “unhealthy” ingredients piled on to a bed of greens.

When I am going out to eat, 9 times out of 10 I will scan the menu ahead of time online, if they have one, and choose between one or two meals that I will order. I like to go for a whole meal: meat/poultry/fish with veggies or rice, a lettuce wrapped burger with sweet potato fries, or tri-tip (my fav!) with a side of veggies before I choose a salad. Those dishes end up tasting 100x better anyways and fill me up so I’m not sneaking snacks later in the evening after an unfulfilling meal.

Or let’s not lie, I order a salad and eat half of my husband’s plate. God bless him!

If a salad is simply what will help me not talk negatively to myself and be present in that moment, I will order it (with the dressing on the side, of course). The choice is totally up to you and fully enjoy what you do choose to eat.

Expanding my “health food” palate from just salads isn’t always easy. Along my healthy journey, I am learning that carbs are not the enemy and food is way of fueling my body. Best news, I can eat “real food” and treats in moderation, and still be healthy.

If you are craving a salad (ha! said nobody ever), my favorite one is made up of spinach, chicken, beets, goat cheese and balsamic vinaigrette. And the only way I will eat kale is sautéed in a dollop of ghee butter. Yum!

I hope you will start to learn, as I have, that living a healthy lifestyle does not mean restricting to just salads (or restricting at all). You can load your plate with some healthy fats, protein and carbs, while, most importantly, keeping a positive mindset.

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