These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things

A Few Of Our Favorite Things Questionnaire for Couples

Just because you got married does not mean that you should stop learning and growing with your spouse. I believe dating your spouse is essential to keeping things interesting and fun.

Luckily, this type of dating isn’t as nerve-wracking because your spouse already said YES!

A few years ago, on Valentines Day, I decided to make a list of questions to find out more about my husband’s likes, dislikes, and dreams, from his favorite color and candy bar to ways to relax.

I keep this list in a drawer and reference it every time I think of a date night, a present, or a special at-home meal (like his birthday). You will also be well-equipped to win at any dating game.

You could say one of my five love languages is giving gifts, although I am horrible at surprising others. Too much excitement!

Anyways, this is an awesome list of questions that you can turn to anytime you want to do something special for your hubby, knowing that it is guaranteed to be something he likes.

I plan on doing this once a year because like and dislikes can drift over time, so it is likely that their answers could have changed.

You can also spice it up by writing down your answers and having the other person guess your list or see where you have the same favorites in common.

If you need another idea on how to be intentional during dinner, view this blog post on Dinner Conversation Starters for Married Couples.

Put your phone down, turn off the TV, and find out what your hubby actually likes/(secretly) wants!

Favorite Things/Love Questionnaire for Couples:

Entertainment                              Shopping
Movie                                                Place to Shop
Book                                                  Ring Size
TV Show                                          Accessories
Board Game                                   Clothing Size
Musician/Band                              Scent

Food                                               Relationship
Restaurant                                    Thing to Do with You
Meal                                                Start Doing with You
Snack                                             Funniest Memory
Dessert                                          Meaningful When You
Candy Bar                                    Nickname You Call Me
Least Favorite Food                  I Can’t Live Without

Dream                                          Other
Next Destination                       Color
If You Had $1 Million                Hobbies
Dream Date                                 Guilty Pleasures
One Last Day On Earth            Ways to Relax 

Download a PDF Version: A Few of Our Favorite Things Questionnaire for Couples.

Soak in each other and enjoy these moments of getting to know your spouse. 

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