Favorite Things Questions for Couples

Just because you got married does not mean that you should stop learning and growing with your spouse. I believe dating and communicating with your spouse is essential to keeping things interesting and fun.

Luckily, this type of dating isn’t as nerve-wracking because your spouse already said YES! You can spice up your dating and communication by simply asking the favorite things about your spouse.

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Why Communication is Important in Marriage

Communication is key to any relationship, especially marriage. It is so important to have open and clear lines of communication with your spouse so that there is trust and understanding.

In a healthy marriage, you can feel free to open up and be honest and vulnerable without fear of judgment. You will be able to ask for clarification on an issue or topic and know what your spouse really means or wants.

One of the best ways to do this is to really get to know your spouse by asking what their favorite things are. It’s an easy and fun way to reconnect and take your conversation in a whole new direction. Asking favorite things questions will also help you connect on a deeper level.

Tips for Using the Favorite Things Questions for Couples

A few years ago, on Valentine’s Day, I decided to make a list of favorite things questionnaire to find out more about my husband’s likes, dislikes, and dreams, from his favorite color and candy bar to ways to relax.

You could say one of my five love languages is giving gifts, although I am horrible at surprising others. Too much excitement!

Anyways, this is an awesome list of favorite things questions that you can turn to anytime you want to do something special for your hubby, knowing that it is guaranteed to be something he likes.

So you might be wondering how do you get the ball rolling? What are good relationship questions? And what are some good favorite questions? These free questions for couples printable will help you get the conversation going and take notes so you can reference it any time.

Download the free favorite things questions for couples printable!

Set a Special Time to Fill Out the Questions

In the hustle and bustle of the everyday, it can be hard to find time to intentionally communicate with your spouse. Make a special time or date to communicate with your spouse and fill out the favorite things questionnaire with your spouse.

I plan on doing this once or twice a year because like and dislikes can drift over time, so it is likely that their answers could have changed.

Make the Favorite Things Questionnaire a Game

You can also spice it up by writing down your answers to the favorite things questions and having the other person guess your list or see where you have the same favorites in common.

Turn off Distractions

You can’t have healthy communication if it is done behind a screen. Put your phone down, turn off the TV, and find out what your hubby actually likes/(secretly) wants!

If you need another idea on how to be intentional during dinner, view this blog post on Dinner Conversation Starters for Married Couples.

Regularly Reference the Favorite Things Questions

I keep this list of my husband’s favorite things in a drawer and reference it every time I think of a date night, a present, or a special at-home meal (like his birthday). You will also be well-equipped to win any dating game because you will know the answers to the favorite things questions for couples.

Soak in each other and enjoy these moments of communicating with and getting to know your spouse. 


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