About Me

Hi! I’m Haley. I am a wife, husky puppy mom, daughter, sister, and friend. I’m just an ordinary woman who loves Jesus and has a passion to encourage other women to find and embrace their identity in Christ. Being a woman can be hard! It is so important to have women around you who can encourage you to keep your eyes on Jesus.

My One Comfort is a reminder that we can’t have Jesus as our greatest treasure and also place our value and worth in something else. Some seek their value and worth in their status, appearance, wealth, work, etc. We can’t rely on earthly things to bring us lasting comfort. Earthly things can only comfort us in part, but there is a place that we can go to seek real lasting comfort.

God’s Word can give us comfort and peace in good and bad times. It can bring comfort while we are afraid, tired and worn out. The best comfort we can find in Scripture is that Christ died for our sins on the cross. It puts everything else in perspective. We can have hope that there is something far better waiting for us – a life that is made up of peace, joy, praise, and strength.

If you have ever felt an aching in your heart for something more or if you long for true peace in your heart, this blog is a place for you.

I pray that we can share this journey together towards finding our identity and security in Christ.

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