6 Ways to Share the Gospel on Halloween

Halloween is going to look a lot different this year as a result of social distancing due to COVID-19. Halloween is typically an over-commercialized and chocolate induced affair. And there is generally a lot of controversy over whether Christians should participate in Halloween. 

As a Christian, do you participate in Halloween activities each year? Do you allow your kids to dress up and walk around the neighborhood?

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I think that Halloween is a missed opportunity to share the good news of the Gospel. Instead of focusing on what we disagree with, why don’t we use it as another day to glorify God and bring light to His kingdom. We can be a light in what is known as a dark night!

I think that every family has a choice in whether and how they participate in Halloween and shouldn’t be judged by others. You should prayerfully consider what is the best option for your family and if it is in alignment with what God has called you to do. 

Sharing the Gospel on Halloween

Let me take this in another direction. Aren’t we missing out on an opportunity to show love and compassion to others if we decide to just sit in a dark home with locked doors? That is a whole lot of people who would be coming to our front door. How can they hear about Jesus if they don’t hear about him from a believer, like YOU. 

As a disclaimer, I don’t suggest participating in anything that goes against the Gospel. Yet Jesus calls us to be hospitable. He has sent us to the world to be witnesses not of the world. We don’t have to necessarily get dressed up or decorate our house. But sharing the gospel on Halloween is just as important as any other day.

Being a Light for Jesus on Halloween

Halloween is a great way to be a light for Jesus. On what some consider a dark holiday, we can illuminate it with the love of Christ. It is an opportunity for you to get out of your comfort zone, meet your neighbors, and invite them to church. 

The way we shine our light is not by sitting in a dark home with the curtains shut. Jesus didn’t act like that and neither should we. Jesus is the light of the world! He came down into darkness so that all might be saved

6 Ways to Share the Gospel on Halloween

In the midst of this pandemic, people need Jesus! And I am pretty sure they are looking for a Savior. We are called to preach to the many and harvest the lost souls here on earth. You can be the key to letting your neighbors know about Jesus.  

Here are six ways to share the Gospel on Halloween and shine light into the darkest corners of your neighborhood.

Witnessing Stickers for Halloween Candy

On each bar of candy, you can put witnessing stickers. Grab your kids and dump all the candy on the floor and create fun messages that will provide uplifting ways to share the Gospel. You can engage your kids by having them help with Bible Verses. Or ask them what they would want a friend to know about Jesus then write it down on a label. 

This is such a great way to get Jesus in all those sugar-filled pillowcases and buckets. You can put simple messages like “Yes, there is something better than candy. It is being God’s friend!” Or “Life is sweeter with Jesus.” Or simply “Jesus loves you!” 

Share the Pumpkin Gospel

I had never heard of the Pumpkin Gospel until I became a parent and started looking into different ways Christians interact with Halloween. When I first heard of it, I discounted it as just another stretch of the gospel to meet a worldly idea. But after doing some research and dwelling on it, I think it actually teaches a valuable and memorable lesson. 

For those who aren’t familiar with the Pumpkin Gospel (also called the Pumpkin Parable), it is basically an object lesson using a carved pumpkin and explaining how God can clean and change us from the inside out so that we can shine his light to the world. 

You can purchase a pumpkin and print out a printable of the Pumpkin Gospel and attach it. This is a fun and visual way to learn about Jesus. 

Trunk or Treat

Utilize your church parking lot to host a trunk or treat. Have your church members invite their friends for a night of fun. In case you are wondering, a Trunk or Treat involves opening your trunk to display candy, games, and decoration. You can include Gospel tracts along with the candy.

This is a night to gather and is a safe and super fun alternative for families. 

Reverse Trick or Treating

Instead of going up to the house expecting the biggest candy bar, have your kids offer the treat instead. You can make it a family fun activity by baking together. Then you can package them up with inspirational fall-themed scripture cards. 

Send Halloween Care Packages 

Similar to being “booed,” you can send care packages or drop them off on someone’s front lawn. This is a very nice tradition and involves secret gifting. If you are not familiar with being “booed,” this is when one neighbor secretly leaves a small basket on someone’s front lawn with instructions. In turn, that neighbor is asked to “BOO” someone else. 

Who doesn’t love a fun surprise? Along with candy, you can add an invite to your church and/or witnessing stickers on the candy. This is a great way to share the Gospel and have fun on Halloween. 

Have Fun as a Family 

There are many ways to share the Gospel, but it has to begin at home. Spending quality time and having fun as a family is a great way to share the Gospel on Halloween. 

Why not take time to nurture your child’s faith by fixing their eyes on Jesus this Halloween? Take time to pray together, cook a meal together, or carve pumpkins, and teach them the Pumpkin Gospel. Be an example of faith while having fun as a family at home. 

Prayer for Sharing the Gospel on Halloween

Ask God for creative ways for you to share the Gospel this Halloween. With God’s wisdom, you will open your eyes to the multiple ways there are to share light and love on Halloween. The people who celebrate Halloween as a pagan holiday are probably the ones who need prayer and the Gospel the most.

“Dear Lord, I pray that you give me the opportunity to share the Gospel on Halloween. Show me how I can shine light into what is considered a dark night. Lord, use me as a vessel to show your goodness. Thank you for your faithfulness and love. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”



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  1. Paula B Carlson

    I made bookmarks with scripture verses and pictures on them last year…even (especially) the teenagers begged for them! I handed them out with candy. Everyone was happy…even left a place for them to write their own name. I’ve also made small cutout cards with verses about having no fear and seeking the light. Have also made small booklets (a bit more time consuming) with the gospel in them.
    I’m always on the lookout for new ideas! Thank you!

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