4 Ways to Spice Up Your Marriage with the Intimately Us App

Let’s face it, lovemaking in a relationship can be awkward and/or get routine. We have so much on our regular to-do list that intimacy takes a back burner. It can be difficult to know where to start to spice things up.

God created man and woman to be intimate in marriage. He created it to be an incredible bonding experience. It is not only designed to bring glory to god but united husband and wife in a one-flesh relationship. It is a beautiful thing when husband and wife find pleasure and satisfaction in their intimate life. 

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4 Ways to Spice Up Your Marriage

The first step to building a thriving sex life is to recognize that it requires some effort. You have to be proactive about carving out time together. 

I am all about looking for clean, fun ways to spice up my marriage. I just came across the Intimately Us app, a brand new app for married couples. We absolutely love it! It is totally clean and classy!

It’s full of games, activities, and resources to spice up your intimacy. Because the app is made for iPhone or Android, you don’t need to put in the “extra work” and can focus on what matters. Intimately Us is the perfect app to prioritize intimacy and spice up your marriage.

Try New Things in the Bedroom

Trying new things, especially in the bedroom, is so important to keep things exciting and adventurous. Lovemaking should be more than the act itself but really bonding with one another. The app has a ton of new ideas for you to spice up your marriage and switch your routine.

You can explore each other’s bodies and figure out what feels good. Not to mention, stepping out of your comfort zone, can help you both get vulnerable and intimate in a new, profound way.

Play Bedroom Games

I am definitely someone who likes to play games. So what better way than to add some fun competition to the bedroom? The Intimately Us app includes a “Play” section with a list of intimate games that will take it to the next level. 

Bedroom Game App Features

  • Ready-to-go: It is literally in the palm of your hands so you don’t have to print anything out. Just sync your phones and you are ready to go!
  • Customizable: You can turn off anything that you don’t feel comfortable with before starting the game. Once you select the appropriate settings, you can start the fun!
  • Safe and Clean: With all options, you have the choice to skip it if you don’t like it. 

Talk about Intimacy

In case you didn’t know, intimacy is more than just the act of sex. Communicating is key to building a strong connection and intimate life. This level of vulnerability can be super uncomfortable at first. But talking about your pleasures, dislikes, likes and much more can lead to much more satisfying sex life!

The Intimately Us app gives you clean, easy, and non-threatening prompts to communicate your needs and desires so you can both feel comfortable. 

Communication App Features

  • Conversation Starters: Build intimacy through conversation. You can choose a category to get started such as intimacy, romance, family, spiritual, finances, and just for fun.
  • Sexploration List: This is a bunch of questions where you answer yes, no, or maybe and can add a note – so your spouse understands you better.
  • Customizable Bedroom Language: You can create a shared language to use in the bedroom with the option to choose your own comfortability level. 

Become more Emotionally Connected

Like I said above, intimacy is more than just sex. It is about becoming more emotionally connected as well. It includes feeling close to your spouse. It is a symbol of two becoming one in heart, mind, spirit and body. The better your emotional connection the better sex connection!

Emotional Connection Features

  • Date Night: I love planning out date nights. The app has fun, romantic and sexy date ideas to keep your passion strong.
  • Show Daily Love: You can show what you love about your spouse on a daily basis
  • Chat: This feature is fun and flirty!

Reclaim and redeem intimacy in your marriage with the Intimately Us app. How to get it on your phone? It is simple! Download the app by clicking on this link or search the app store for “Intimately Us.”


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